2013 Diokles Lind

The Brentano II, Stedinger influence can clearly be seen with a Donnerhall neck he is a super example of modern day breeding with some of the strong Hanoverian & Oldenburg lines! His nick name will be Zeus after his name Diokles meaning glory of Zeus a future God of the Dressage arena dancing on a cloud always above the competition  A fitting name for a fancy boy. He will dance around in his lovely chestnut coat and beautiful flaxen broom tail flying through the air, he is sure to catch the eyes of all who see him.


Don Schufro is 17h, Brentano II is the sire of Brentina and she is 17.2h and Stedinger is 17.3h the height is for sure present on both sides.

As far as rideability goes Caprimond who carries the line Arogno (Dannebrog is Don Schufro x Brentano II x Arogno) He has ranked no 1 for many year on list of top stallions for rideability for all stallions used in the Hanoverian breed. His son Hohenstein is no 5, no 10 is Sandro Hit no 16 is Stedinger. These rankings are for all breeds used in Hanoverian.

Top Dressage stallions no 3 Hohenstein no 6 is Don Schufro no 9 is Caprimond, stedinger also ranks high on the top list of dressage sires also present is De Niro its the top 44 stallions they have to gain high scores through their own performance and that of their offsprings to be in the book. The ones listed on the top page are the cream of the crop.

Dannebrog is a young stallion so he is not yet present in the book yet as of 2011.

These are scores from Dannebrogs stallion test

Character 9

Temp 8

Rideability 8.75

trot 9

canter 8.17

walk 8.67

Caprimond and Hohenstein where used to train the children at the farm grand prix, thats how good their minds are. The mare Her Highness O I raised is by Hohenstein and she is the favorite horse of everyone in the barn down in Wellington. She has just come home from a summer in Europe training grand Prix.

I LOVE the Argono line you cant find better minds or rideability, they love people and they will give you 200% under saddle.

Stedinger x De Niro crosses have been very popular in Germany because of their type and ridaebility.

De Niro mares are very valued they really cross well with every line, he gained the title of Stallion of the year in Germany because of his stamp on the Hanoverian breed. Brentano II also gained this title, Hohenstein and Caprimond have earn the title Trakhner stallion of the year in Germany because of their contribution to the breed. Klosterhof Medingen have a life sized bronze because he has been their foundation stallion.

Diokles pedigree is really filled with top Grand prix horse who are know for their rideability and their strong presence in dressage horse breeding the world over.

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