2002 Galadriel

(Gragenit (Grannus) x Damnatz x SPS Diskant x SPS Dominus)

5/12/2002 blk/brown MSB Hanoverian Mare

On her way to her new home in Ca. Her new owner Genie plans to use her for dressage and as a future mom.

This filly hold great value with her truly rare bloodlines, talented movement and sweet temp. Dont miss out on this cutie she will steal your heart! Stunning filly born on mother’s day. Sweet, and very playful with elastic movement Loves attention.Gets in and out of the trailer with no problem. Body clipped at 2 months old and stood for over 45 mins. Super sweet with a very clam eye on a really cute head.  Very good with little kids. Wasn’t scared at all with  the cars, people, and dogs at the inspection. Super easy filly with the mellowest temp I have ever had on any of my foals.

Galadriel is going to make a wonderful jumper or dressage, maybe an eventer like mom ?

July 21, 2002 Gala was inspected with comments from judge where

” Fantastic elastic movement great engagement from the hind end. Nice Neck and shoulders. She will have a great future in Dressage, with this great movement, but jumping is present  in the bloodlines
She is now branded American Hanoverian.


Gragenit received a PERFECT 10.0 in Jumping Under Saddle with a Score of 134.92 at his 100 day test

Looking at Gragenits pedigree you see nothing but famous jumping stallion and St. Pr. Mares.
Starting with the sire  the famous black stallion Grannus (1972-1993). His progeny are successful show jumpers around the globe. As of 1999, the FN reported that his offspring have earned him over 4.6 Million DM which placed GRANNUS in the record books for jumping horses. In the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, he had three offspring competing in jumping including Top Gun la Silla which helped the Netherlands win the Team Gold medal and he was 5th in the individual. Grannus has over 140 horses competing at international S level with 2,292 placings. Grannus is out Graphit a famous jumping sire.

The mother’s father, Gepard, comes from the famous stallion Gotthard for seven years he was the leading sire of show jumpers in Germany, his influence continues to the present day. Gepard himself was the father of Gonzo I who was standing in the USA before his death. Gotthard’s offspring’s winnings are also over 2 Million DM which makes Gotthard a bloodline that breeders are looking for. He has 55 horses competing in ìSî level with 1,116 placings, a record which is hard to beat.

Descont was inspected in Germany in 1985, she scored 8 on her saddle position and overall 7 on her other scores. Coming from a long line of old St.Pr.St. bloodlines, she has great typy foals. Her bloodlines outline the very best of the old D and G-lines Her grand father comes from the beginning of all the D-lines. One can see why these lines have been proven over and over again with top jumpers and dressage horses.

Descont’s sire Damnatz is list as one of the top 100 Dressage sires of all times. Descont’s half brother Blue Horse Cavan (Damnatz \Cavalier) is a very famous Dressage stallion in Demark. He was on the team that won the bronze at the 1999 European Championships, and the Pries de Nation Team Bronze at the 1999 CHIO Aachen. On her sire’s side, her grandsire Darling was Champion DLG Stallion in 1976, the largest breeding show in Germany. Darling’s sire, Duft II, was also Champion DLG Stallion in 1964. This line is reputed for outstanding conformation and gaits. Damnatz ‘s dam Gondel is sire by Gong who comes from all SPS mares.The old foundation line of Goldfisch II (grand-sire), who sired the exceptional Grand Prix jumper Gladstone, ridden by Hugo Simon, with whom he won the first Volvo World Cup in 1979. Gladstone and Hugo Simon were, for over a decade, nearly invincible in the in the international Grand Prix.

Diskant sired the famous jumper Deister, one of the most remarkable horses ever produced in Hannover. Ridden by Paul Schockemohle Deister was the European Jumping Champion three times in a row and won 1.5 million German marks. Also descending from the Diskant is the son Disput and his famous son Donnerwetter .Donnerwetter is the sire to the famous dressage stallion Donnerhall. Darling’s (Desconts grand sire)well known son Dynasty was, before his 1989 death, the best dressage horse in Canada. His brother Damnatz was using for breeding in germany. An own son of Diskant, Duerkheim became famous in Germany and sired the famous son Diamont being one of the first hanoverian sires into the US.  The Damnatz line is very rare this close in the pedigree today. On the bottom of her pedigree in her 4th generation there is Goldfish II, Who sire the famous jumping sire Gotthard, and Graf, who in turn sire the great Grande.

Also from the great D-lines is Don Carlos, his son Don Juan,and Drosselklang II. The D-lines are great on one end for dressage and on the other end for jumping. Great grandsire to Descont, Dominus had very many St. Pr. mares. His St.Pr daughter Domoucht is the mother to the famous Celle jumping stallion Servus, like his grand-father Dominus. Seruvs (Spartan) had very nice jumping offspring that where normally blonde chestnuts in color.

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