Our Horses in Print

Here is a few of the national magazines that our horses have been featured in.

EMC Landalyn By Landkoenig x EM Donatasha

Summer 2005 Hanoverian Magazine

Summer 2005 Hanoverian Magazine

Elite Mare Donatasha

California Dressage Society Magazine 2005

Elite Mare Donatasha

Hanoverian Magazine  Fall 2005

Elite Mare Her Highness O Fall 2006

Elite Mare Edessia

Hanoverian Mare book 2008

Elite Mares Christiahna and Her Highness O

2008 American Hanoverian Mare book

American Hanoverian Society Magazine Fall 2010

Leonisis Lind ( Le Primeur x EM Donatasha by De Niro)

American Hanoverian society magazine fall 2010

EMC Landalyn (Landkoenig x EM Donatasha by De Niro)

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