SPS Listige

lombard x SPS Jungritter x Dornwall x SPS Flamm

1975 Chestnut Hanoverian mare

  • Total Mare studbook score 8
  • Breed/sex type 8
  • Swing Elasticity of the trot 7
  • conformation 8
  • correctness of gaits 7
  • impression and development 8
  • head 6
  • frame 8
  • neck 7
  • legs 8
  • saddle position 8

SPS Listige by Lombard. Lombard stood at Celle for many years. He is the sire to Lanthan, who was used as an improvement sire. Lanthan sired uphill elastic movers for dressage as well as great jumpers. Equally high number of high caliber show horse in both disciplines.



  1. Genoveva mare by Goldstern
  2. 1983 Prestige mare by Pik Koenig

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