Pik Koenig x SPS lombard x SPS Jungritter x Dornwall x SPS Flamm

1983 Brown Hanoverian Mare

Prestige by Pik Koenig considered the most important son of the famous Thoroughbred sire of showjumpers, Pik As xx. Pik König sired 19 Approved sons and 22 State Premium mares. His offspring – such as Pirol 37 – were mainly successful in showjumping. With a dressage index of 126, and a jumping index of 131, Pik König had an overall rating of 129. His sire, Pik As xx stood at the State Stud Celle from 1953-69, where he sired four approved sons. The most famous son being Pik Bube dressage star and reserve champion of his performance test.

Pik Koenig

SPS Listige by Lombard who stood at Celle for many years. He is the sire to Lanthan, who was used as an improvement sire. Lanthan sired uphill elastic movers for dressage as well as great jumpers. Equally number of high caliber show horse in both disciplines.


  1. 1987 Friesenstern licensed Hanoverian stallion by Wanderer
  2. 1992 SPS Matcho’s Girl O by Matcho AA

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