SPS Weine Dame

(Wanderbrusch II x SPS Saluto x SPS Eindruck II x SPS Senator x SPS Abendsport x SPS Feiner Kerl)

Chestnut Hanoverian Mare

Weine Dame:

  • Head 9
  • Correctness of gaits 8
  • neck 8
  • hind legs 8
  • breed and sex type 8
  • overall impression and development 8
  • forelegs 7
  • walk 7
  • Swing and elasticity 7


  • 1A prize
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place

Wanderbrusch II

Weine Dame is by the Celle dressage stallion Wanderbrush II by Wanderer. Wanderbrush II was Reserve Champion at the stallion licensing in Verden 1988 and came fourth at the stallion performance test in 1989, winning the jumping category with 130, 31 points. Wanderbursch II has an impressive outline and three basic gaits of equally high quality. His offspring have good jumping talent in combination with powerful and elastic movements. His granddam, Dompoesie, is the great-granddam of Weltmeyer who is a member of the famous Celle Dressage Quadrille. Wanderbursch’s daughter Wyella was Champion mare at the Louis-Wiegels-Show in 1995. Wanderbursch is well known in Germany for very high quality mares.


Wanderer carries the famous bloodlines (Wendekreis, Gotthard, Absatz). He is well known for producing jumping talent, but with bloodlines like these itís no surprise. Wanderer’s daughter Welina was the Vice champion mare at the Ratje-Niebuhr Show 2000. Wanderer is another example of a jumping stallion that produces horses with lots of suspension.
He took home the score of a perfect 10 for his jumping in Adelheidsdorf 1983 with a final score of 119/6/39.

Eindruck II

On the dam’s side, St. Pr. Ellionor Is by Eindruck II, his most famous son is Einblick. Einblick in his time was a performance test winner and a very good dressage and jumping horse. Einblick has been used at stud since 1973. This group is considered mainly to be dressage horses, although Einblick himself was also very good in jumping

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