SPS Ellinor

SPS Saluto x SPS Eindruck II x SPS Senator x SPS Abendsport x SPS Feiner Kerl

Nuecke, hannover stamm 392


Chestnut Hanoverian Mare


Saluto who was noted to have nice basic gaits, dressage as well as jumping talent as a sire and as a performer. Saluto has all SPS mares in his first three generations. His sire Sudan xx is found in many warmblood breeds, from Hanoverian to Swedish Warmblood. Sudan’s daughter Sturmdirndl  is the mother to  Celle stalllion Lanthan, a lovely black dressage/jumping sire. He is the sire to many famous dressage and jumping horses. Lanthan’s full sister Lomella is the granddam to the AHS stallion Rienzi (Dam: SPS Bounty)

Foals of SPS Ellinor

  1. 1979 Aida mare by Azur
  2. 1982  by Askan
  3. 1983 americo by Askan
  4. 1984 Armani by Askan
  5. 1986 Bocca Raton by Brentano II
  6. 1987 Ariane mare by Akzent I
  7. 1988 Ariola by Akzent I
  8. 1989 by Akzent I
  9. 1990 Amarillo by Akzent I
  10. 1991 by Lanthan
  11. 1992 by Lanthan
  12. 1994 Weine Dame Mare by Wanderbursch II
  13. 1995 Wescalina mare by Wanderbursch II

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