SPS Eichenlaub

SPS Eindruck II x SPS Senator x SPS Abendsport x SPS Feiner Kerl


Chestnut Hanoverian mare

Eindruck II


SPS Sendertaube  is a 3/4 sister to the famous Sender. Sender daughter SPS Sendernixe had the famous World Cup brothers. World Cup I sired the Walt Disney brothers, the great Weltmeyer and Warkant both of which got stallion of the year titles. Sender presented top show jumpers such as Sarto 3 / H.W. Johannsmann, Soltau / Bernhard Kamps and Sethos 2 / Norbert Koof. SPS Sendertaube and Sesam sire to the jumping stallion Servus (stakkato) have almost the same pedigree for over 4 generations ( Senator o/o an Abensport x Feiner Kerl x Aconit).


Absendsport is by Can be found in the pedigree of Weltmeyer no less then 4 times.

Fiener Kerl

Fiener Kerl  1919-1943, Br 159cm Hanoverian. Starter of the Hanoverian ‘F’ Line. Standing at stud from (1922-43)  in this short time he was at stud he had the biggest influence on the Hanoverian breed, producing 114 licensed sons and 74 elite (SPS) mares, when he died the breeders put up a memorial to owner this wonderful stallion. Feiner Kerl is the grandsire to the very famous jumping stallion Ferdinand. In his time (1944-67) Ferdinand was perhaps the most famous producer of jumping horses in the world. Werner Schockeinoble once said of Ferdinand. There has been no stallion known in the younger breeding history who passed on to his sons so consistently courage.


  1. 1974 SPS Ellinor Mare by Saluto
  2. 1979  Elani mare by Markus
  3. 1977 Matador by Markus
  4. 1978 Sonny Boy by Saluto
  5. 1981 Doemitz by Derrik
  6. 1983 Eichenblatt mare by Exponent
  7. 1985 Askea mare by Askan
  8. 1986 Atrejana mare by Askan

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