SPS Athena

Arkansas x Woermann x SPS Wotan x SPS Femor III x Alfandus I x SPS Sportanz

MPT average gait score of 8.33

  • 8 for walk/canter a
  • 9 for her walk
  • jumping¬† 9
  • overall 7.78

Studbook Inspection

Trot, correctness of gaits and forelegs 8’s

all other scores 7’s


  • 5x first place
  • 2x best of show
  • 2x best of class. When bred to Espri she had Escudo I & II as well as SPS Erle.

Family Tree

By Celle state stud stallion Arkansas who shares the same maternal granddam Alina (1966 gr mare by Absatz x Shagya xx)  as leading sire of showjumpers Wanderer (perfect 10 for jumping). Wanderer sired Wanderbrusch II damsire to our mare EM Donatasha.

Coming from the dam line of Notrada that originated in 1899 on the breeding site of the Battelmann-family in Nesse.


  1. 1990 Erik by Advanced level jumper by Espri
  2. 1991 Escudo I Licensed stallion & advanced level jumper by Espri
  3. 1992 Escudo II Licensed stallion By Espri
  4. 1996 Escada Mare by Espri
  5. 1998 SPS Erle Mare by Espri
  6. 2000 Dea Mare by Daidalos
  7. 2001 Daphne Mare by Diamond Hit

Son Escudo I Hanoverian stallion of the year 2009


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