2009 Sundar Lind

(Stedinger (Sandro hit) x EM Hohenstein x SPS Weltmeyer x SPS Matcho AA x Pik Koenig x SPS lombard x SPS Jungritter)


Bay Hanoverian Colt born in the USA


Hanoverian Inspection Champion


Shows 2011

May 20th show judged by Lilo Fore

Champion Colt

1st Hanoverian colts 85.6 %

1st 2 yr old Colts & Geldings 86.2%

  • 8.8 Coformation
  • 8.5 Walk
  • 8.5 Trot
  • 8.8 overall

Sundar Lind Reserve Champion United States Dressage Federation Yearling colts and Geldings

Highest Scoring Hanoverian Yearling in US 2010

I am very pleased to say I have found the perfect home for our lovely boy. He will be kept a stallion and continue his show career in hand, to the young horse Championships, and then on to Grand Prix.
We are very excited to watch Tyra in the saddle, plus I get to keep him around longer and show him in hand. Our young Champion!

Shows 2010

Breed show July 17, 2010
Champion Colt 3 yrs and younger
1st place colts 2009
1st Place get of Sire “Stedinger”
2nd place Breeders Group
2nd Hanoverian IBC
Sundar with scores up to 80% he is the undefeated champions.
Judge Jos Sevriens said” modern well proportionate, uphill,good length in poll,very nice shoulder, good saddle position, good length in legs,nice croup, well developed gaskin,correct joints, good foot shape,Walk tracks correct from behind, good through back, t…rot good uphill tend , good dressage potential
May 4th new video footage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cd7zyk2iJ0

March 27th 2010
1st colts 2009
champion colt all ages 0-3yrs
1st Hanoverian breed class
1st get of sire with his sister half Saaliyah
1st breeders Group
second highest score of the show.(highest was a 4+ yr old Stallion who scored .8 higher)
Judge said that he was a world class colt with a world class trot

Feb 13th 2010
1st place Colts of 2009
Champion young colt
Highest score of the show with an 81.7%
Judge Janine Malone  said “Well behaved ,Friendly temp,walk clean marching steps, trot good lift in front and behind clear expression and elasticity, well balanced with (light & springy with scope and volume).
He was a very nice colt with well above average gaits and type, she loved his kind eyes and said he would do great at the year end championships and that he should be taken on to the young horse championships.

conf 7.8
walk 8.0
trot 8.7
overal 8.2

Shows 2009

  • Champion of his Hanoverian inspection in Oct 2009

Volker Ehler Says of this fine colt
“gorgous face and head
a dancer a LOT of elevation a LOT of presents you don’t have to train him a lot he already does a passage natural
There we go this is what we like to see he is a weaned foal and he offers us this nice movement
a lot of reach and suspension,  uphill
a lot of charm on this colt such a beautiful colt
this is a wonderful combination Stedinger with Hohenstein
Stedinger is well asked for in Europe and you can see why.
Beautiful conformation”
Video 1 Hanoverian inspection Oct 14th 2009        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaGTfGKM9io
Video 2 At Home in Florida       Aug 30th 2009        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_0_hDc457U

Sundar meaning beautiful in Hindi, is true to his name. A large bay colt very true to the Sandro Hit type beautiful neck typy face large eyses long elegant legs,fantastic shoulder angle and power rear engine.Huge  ground covering movement ,very elastic with lots of swing in his whole body. Excellent canter he shows so much jump in his canter. He would make an ideal dressage or the dream hunter.He already finds things to jump and is very eager to do so. Nothing to fix on this fancy boy he is a true horse for the top of the show world. The very best stallions adore this fine young colts pedigree including Sandro Hit, Landadel, Hohenstein, Caprimond,Weltmeyer. Easy going and friendly like all Caprimond offsprings his rideability should be fantastic.

Family Tree

His dam EM Her Highness is nothing less than spectacular! She was picked for the Elite Auction in Verden. Her sire is none other than Trakehner Stallion of the Year 2002, Hohenstein. Her Grandsire is Weltmeyer Hanoverian stallion of the year in 1998. Her other grandsire Caprimond was Trakehner stallion of the year also in 1998. Her great grandsire World Cup I was Hanoverian stallion of the year in 1996.
Hohenstein 5th place (Caprimond Sire to Hohenstein[b] #1[/b]) This lovely mare is Elite meaning one of the best broodmares in the worlds. Many show champions,family champion title, High priced Elite auction horses, stallions, Elite mares and international  show horses.
She scored Neck 8
Frame 8
Typiness/Femininity 8
Impulsion/elasticity 8
7’s for all other scores

The judges pointed out to the crowd to watch her lovely movement and comment on how beautiful her transitions where.They also said “her topline was very harmonious”. She was loved by all at her inspection.
Mare Performance Test: Scoring a 7.5 overall, an average gait score of 8 with a 7 for her above average walk, an 8 for her elastic trot, a 9 for her big uphill canter, a 7 for her rideability, and scoring a super 7/8 for her jumping which the judges commented to be” very very good especially for her pedigree”.

Stedinger 7th place for Rideability for all Hanoverian Approved Stallions (2008 Hannoveraner Jahrbuch hengst) Stedinger 4th place o/o 46 stallions tested in 2003 with 131 points overall 130 points dressage and 121 in jumping.

Hohenstein Reserve Champion of 1994 test with 134 points overall 148 points in Dressage and 102 in jumping. He is the sire to His Highness. This mare produces very AA or youth friendly mounts that have very nice type movement and skill for hunter/jumpers.
More information on sire Stedinger http://www.sosath.com/cms/index.php?client=1〈=2&idcat=10&idart=54

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