2005 EMC Landalyn

Landkoenig x EM Donatasha by De Niro x SPS Wanderbrusch II x SPS Saluto x SPS Eindruck II x SPS Senator x SPS Abendsport x SPS Feiner Kerl)

Bay Hanoverian Mare Born in the USA

Baby photo of Landalyn was used in Hanoverian print for jumper breeding program!

Champion of her mare performance test with a 7.88

Jumper breeding program 9 for tech and 8 for ability.

The first foal from our foundation mare Donatasha by De Niro


Landalyn 2005

Shows 2012

Blenheim Spring Classic April 3-7th

  • 1.10m 1st o/o 52 horses
  • 1.20m 8th

LA Equestrian Center Jan opener show

  • .90m 1st o/o 20
  • 1.00m 4th o/o 17
  • 1.10m 2nd o/o 16

Shows 2011

EMC landalyn Accepted Main mare book with Holsteiner association with 45 points, 8 technique 8 for ability 9 for willingness. She was the highest scoring foundation mare!

Highest jumping scores on the whole 2011 tour higher then the stallions !

Camelot Classic Oct 13-14

  • .90m 3 rd Place
  • .90m 7 place o/o 10
  • .90m 5 place o/o 9
  • 1.00m 2nd place o/o 8
  • 1.00m 3 place o/o 12

Camelot Summer July

  • .90m 1st place
  • .95 1st place

Camelot June

  • .80m 1st place
  • .80m speed class 4th place

Camelot May

  • .70m 1st place
  • .80m 1st place
  • .80m speed class 1st place

Camelot Spring fling

  • .70m 6th place
  • .80m 5th place

Shows 2010

  • 3rd highest MPT score in 2010!

Solvang California Oct 19

MPT Champion in Solvang with a score of 7.88

walk & trot: 7’s
Canter 7.5
Rideability 8
Jumping  ability 8
Jumping technique 9

Shows 2009

Solvang California Oct 21

Elite Eligible with an overall 7.28
Mostly all 7 with 8 for Correctness of gaits and front legs.
She is now in the Hanoverian Jumper breeding program

Luckly for Dennise in Southern California, she contracted a foal from EM Donatasha before mom was bred or we would have kept her for our own!

Shows 2005

  • Reserve Champion at her first show at only 4 weeks old.
  • she scored 77.6%
  • Conformation: 7.8 elegant well muscled, well set neck , and nice hind quarter.
  • Walk: 7.6 Nice swing.
  • Trot: 7.8 Elastic and ground covering
  • Overall: 8 Nice type with correct movement and very well mannered

Very friendly and super easy going. Wonderful very powerful movement. Already a very good jumper. She has a lovely head with a big expressive eyes,  long butterfly eyelashes, a half moon on her head, very correct and straight legs from the min she was born,  Very cute. :)
She has been well imprinted with halter, blanket, some washing and cleaning, she loves to be brushed and any scratching she can get she loves it all.

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