2009 Streiff Lind

(Stalypso x EM Contendro x SPS Espri x SPS Arkansas)

born 4-4-2009

Dk Bay Hanoverian Colt   Born in the USA!

March 22, 2012

The rider loves him, in fact everybody loves him and are expecting a great future for him as a jumping stallion!

The first offspring of EM Christiahna he is being raised in Sweden as an upper level jumping prospect. Updated photos from Sweden 2011 Thanks Tina


Oct 14th 2009       Hanoverian Inspection

Aug 30th 2009    Playing & Jumping Florida

Shows 2010

  • Feb 13th 2010
  • 2nd Colts of 2009  stable mate Sundar (1st)
  • Scored a 70.7% all scores 7+ First show
  • Well received at his Hanoverian inspection
  • Comments from Judge Volker Ehlers “everything here put together
  • beautiful face head,neck,shoulder,saddle position,everything very well put together.
  • A lot of jumping blood in there…he is a very good looking jumper,
  • There we go that was beautiful (trot)very elastic lots of reach from behind, now you can see even jumpers can move beautiful
  • Definitely an 8/9 head”

Streiff named after the noble stallion belonging to Kind Gustav Adolf of Sweden. A very sweet, friendly and typy colt born early am on Friday April 4th.He was born 18 years to the day of his “Famous” Grand sire Stakkato sharing the 4th of April as his birthday making him even more special.  Long legged very modern, nice neck, shoulders, and croup.   He has two white socks, no white on his very dished face. A super prospect for the jumping ring, mom and dad are both in the Hanoverian jumper program.
His movement is very elastic and up hill in the trot and he really rocks back and reaches to the sky to cover lots of ground. He is agreeable to anything and will except new things without hesitation .

Family Tree

Stalypso in  October 2005  won the 30-day-stallion-test in Schliekau: he attained a jumping score of 9,975,(a 9.88 for ability) a canter score of 8,70, a trot score of 8,5 and a rideability score of 8,9 .In November 2006, Stalypso was winner of the jumper stallions and was thus awarded 1a main premium at the Oldenburger Stallion Days.

In 2007 and 2008 Stalypso qualified for the German Championships( Bundeschampionat in Warendorf)of 5- and 6-year-old jumpers at (M) or medium level. He has been winning at novice (A) and elementary (L) level tests for young jumpers.He is on the road to the highest level like his sire before him. Stalypso inherited the typyness from his dams pedigree and his movement makes him a dual purpose stallion.

Stakkato Third place overall out of 34 stallion tested in 1996: with a 131,35 overall a dressage index of : 110,92 for 9th place overall and a jumping index of 144,39 and the best jumping index for the lot of 34 stallions. He scored a 9.9 at the bundeschampionate in 1998 for young jumping horses.
His sire Spartan was shown up to Grand prix in the US. His dam Pia was shown up to L level jumpers

For more info on this great stallion visit these two links below



The Dam Sire side: State Premium Caracalla, passed her performance test with outstanding results, including a score of 8 for rideability and a 9 for jumping. She has been bred to Stakkato (Hanoverian Stallion of the year 2007) no less than 10 times. She is also the dam of Streamer, another very talented Stakkato offspring now successful in tests for jumpers up to medium level. Other jumpers from this line are Spaceman and Chappelou as well as the licensed stallion, Fashion Black.


Elite Mare Christiahna:

Winner of her mare performance test with an overall 7.55
Rideability 7.5
Canter 7.5
Jumping Technique 8 and ability 9
Studbook inspection overall 7
8’s for Head,Saddle position,Frame, Typiness,femininity,Correctness of Gaits
7’s for Neck,Foreleg,Conformation, Overall impression and development
She has free jumped over 5’5″ herself with ease she is a very capable jumper.
Ahna is a very sweet and easy mare herself She is ridden very often by my 2 yr old daughter.

Grandsire Mother side: Contendro # 1 in The Hanoverian breed for jumping stallions. Champion of his stallion testing with 144 points overall 131 in Dressage and 147 in jumping. A multi talented stallion with many top priced auction horses and 17 approved stallion sons.

Granddam Mother side: SPS Erle got  9’s on her jumping with a final  MPT score of 7.67. She is by Espri (Hanoverian stallion of the year 1995) and a full sister to Escudo I & II.

Great Grand Dam: SPS Athene has an average gait score of 8.33 with an 8 for walk/canter and a 9 for her walk, jumping score of 8, with a final mare score of 7.78. She has gotten 5x first place, 2x best of show and 2x best of class. When bred to Espri she had Escudo I & II as well as SPS Erle.

Great Grandsire Espri in 1995 and x2 Great Grandsire Eiger I in 1999 both held the title of “Hanoverian Stallion of the year”.  In Germany this is a great honor designed for stallions who have had the biggest impact on the Hanoverian breed.

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