2011 Balencia Lind

Balou du Rouet x Em Christiahna by Contendro x full sister to Escudo I & II

Free jumping Video from Dec 8, 2012

Shows 2012

September 20, 2012

American Hanoverian Futurity

Reserve Champion yearling

Full sister Boadicea was Champion also pictured above.

Balou du Rouet x Em Christiahna by Contendro x full sister to Escudo I & II
Hard to find TOP European performance bloodlines in the US a breeder & riders dream. The very best pedigree for performance and later a second job as a mother of future champions!

This lovely filly is a sweet and easy going as she is flashy.
Reserve champion at the American Hanoverian foal futurity on Sep 20, she was very well mannered and easy going off the farm.

Balencia is always agreeable and finds joy in working with people, she will follow you around the pasture. My 2 year old son climbs on her fence while she is eating and goes into her pasture and she just stands there, I have also put him on her back.
What an easy going girl she will suit any level of rider with ease.

Find the joy we have with her in your own barn.

A full sister to Boadicea same easy going friendly temperament as her sister. Balencia born August 24, 2011 is a beautiful copper chestnut with 4 whites and a stripe.

  • Champion of her Hanoverian foal inspection
  • looks very similar in type and color to grand sire & Olympic Gold medalist Baloubet du Rouet.
  • Reg & branded American Hanoverian
  • Lifetime USEF number
  • both parents in the jumper breeding program
  • fancy mover
  • correct conformation
  • sweet and friendly
  • future Elite mare and jumper breeding program mare

CO Champion foal of her Hanoverian inspection!

Hanoverian inspection at Rainbow Equus home to the current Hanoverian president on Oct 21, 2011

Judges Judy Hedreen and Meg Williams said of our lovely lady Balencia

“A beautiful filly but this is a really nice mare too you can’t help but eye this mare when she jogs down the long side. She has a lot of presence and the filly has that same presence!

Beautiful head and neck very nice expression,  she is put together really well.

In her movement that hind leg comes underneath her really nicely she she comes up through her shoulder, she is very light on her feet you can hardly hear her move, she is very elastic through her entire body”.

Look for her in the Hanoverian newsletter with photos from Tamara Torti

Now branded American Hanoverian!

full pedigree

http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/index.php?query_type=horse horse=BALENCIA+LIND&g=5&cellpadding=0&small_font=1&l=

The mellowest most relaxed foal we have had on the farm. This says a lot with some of the amazing junior and AA horses we have had. Will stand by your side always just think what she will be like under saddle …. EASY! Learn why her sire is know for making great AA and junior mounts. She has the whole package, great mind, lovely conformation excellent movement and unbridled jumping talent, the pedigree speaks volumes and will of course be ideal for breeding. I think with her movement she could makes some interesting dressage and well as jumper offspring.

The lovely colored stallion standing at the stallion station of Paul Schockemoehle. A very successful upper level jumper and breeding stallion.

Balou du  Rouet Balou du  Rouet

Modern up and coming producer heading for the top A picture perfect career: after winning one young horse class after another and gaining marks up to 10.0 in his 30-day test, Balou du Rouet successfully “landed” at the 1.50m level. Already in 2005 he caught everyone’s attention by scoring the highest mark of 9.2 at the national championships, making him one of Germany’s top 4 licensed stallions. His enormous jumping talent, combined with great elastic gaits and a fascinating charisma make Balou du Rouet an exciting choice for the breeders of sports horses.


Balou du Rouet’s sire is three-times World Cup winner and individual Olympic gold medal winner in 2004, Baloubet du Rouet. This Selle Francais stallion is one of the most successful show jumping stallions of all time and he consistently passes on his performance genes to his offspring. Baloubet du Rouet’s sire, Galoubet, was competing at international level at the age of seven and won team gold at the World Championship in 1982. Balou du Rouet’s maternal grandsire, Continue, collected lifetime earnings of over EUR 310,000 and his dam line has produced several approved stallions.

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