Our Foundation imported Elite mares:

EM Donatasha Foal show winner 2001

EM Her Highness O Foal Show winner 2003

EM Edessia Bundeschampionate Foals 3rd Place 2005

EM Christiahna Foal show winner 2005

My grandmother carried the last name Cloud being Cherokee Indian, our first stallion was a tri-colored paint we name Cloud Dancer 21. In 2000 when our first Hanoverian horse was bought it was time to name our newly started farm. Since Hanoverian Horses are from Germany the idea to translate my family  and our first stallions name, Wolkentaenzer Farm was born. Wolken – Cloud, taenzer = dancer

We started out with  an imported Wendekreis daughter, a Diamont daughter, and an imported Damnatz daughter being older mares we got 5 foals from these mares and retired them from breeding.

Our first self imported mare we got in 2001 at 4 months old, Donatasha who is one of our four foundation mares. In 2003 we got Her Highness O, in 2005 we got Edessia and Christiahna all three of these fine mares came from the elite foal auction  at 4 months old. Our four imported mares where raised and trained here on the farm to earn the title of Elite mares. All our mares even the dressage bred ones have been trained to jump and gained above average scores the lowest being  7/8.

Our breeding program is in place to breed a beautiful type Hanoverian who has good enough movement for dressage and talent for jumping and a mind that will suit any level of rider from Junior to professional. Our offspring are showing equal talent in the jumping & dressage rings which we are happy to see. Horses from our US breeding program are pleasing their owners in Asia as well as Scandinavia.

Our horses have been featured in many national horse magazines, won year end awards with USDF and AHS.

We know that our horses have special talents which they are passing to their high quality offspring.

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  1. jennifer says:

    Hello Radka

    Sorry Sundar has been sold for some time, if you are looking for a dressage partner I have a few other colts that might be of interest to you.
    Cassius Lind is from my own breeding program, I will have a video of him online by tomorrow. He is a very fancy mover, and is very easy to work with.

    Kind Regards,

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